SpeciationCV Values


AgExpressed as silver
AlExpressed as aluminium
AsExpressed as arsenic
BExpressed as boron
BaExpressed as barium
BeExpressed as beryllium
BrExpressed as bromine
CExpressed as carbon
C10H10O4Expressed as dimethyl terephthalate
C10H4(CH3)4Expressed as tetramethylnaphthalene
C10H5(CH3)3Expressed as trimethylnaphthalene
C10H6(CH3)2Expressed as dimethylnaphthalene
C10H7C2H5Expressed as ethylnaphthalene
C10H7CH3Expressed as methylnaphthalene
C10H8Expressed as naphthalene
C12H10Expressed as C12H10, e.g., acenaphthene, biphenyl
C12H14O4Expressed as diethyl phthalate
C12H8Expressed as acenaphthylene
C12H8OExpressed as dibenzofuran
C12H8SExpressed as dibenzothiophene
C12H9NExpressed as carbazole
C13H10Expressed as fluorene
C13H10SExpressed as methyldibenzothiophene
C14H10Expressed as phenanthrene
C14H12Expressed as methylfluorene
C15H12Expressed as C15H12, e.g., methylphenanthrene, Methylanthracene
C15H32Expressed as C15 n-alkane
C16H10Expressed as C16H10, e.g., fluoranthene, pyrene
C16H14Expressed as dimethylphenanthrene
C16H34Expressed as C16 n-alkane
C17H12Expressed as C17H12, e.g., benzo(a)fluorene, methylfluoranthene, methylpyrene
C17H36Expressed as C17 n-alkane
C18H12Expressed as C18H12, e.g., benz(a)anthracene, chrysene, triphenylene
C18H18Expressed as retene
C18H38Expressed as C18 n-alkane
C19H14Expressed as methylchrysene
C19H20O4Expressed as benzyl butyl pththalate
C19H40Expressed as C19 n-alkane
C20H12Expressed as C20H12, e.g., benzo(b)fluoranthene, benzo(e)pyrene, perylene
C20H42Expressed as C20 n-alkane
C21H44Expressed as C21 n-alkane
C22H14Expressed as Dibenz(a,h)anthracene
C22H46Expressed as C22 n-alkane
C23H48Expressed as C23 n-alkane
C24H50Expressed as C24 n-alkane
C25H52Expressed as C25 n-alkane
C26H54Expressed as C26 n-alkane
C27H56Expressed as C27 n-alkane
C28H58Expressed as C28 n-alkane
C29H60Expressed as C29 n-alkane
C2Cl4Expressed as tetrachloroethylene
C2Cl6Expressed as hexachloroethane
C2H2Cl4Expressed as tetrachloroethane
C2H3ClExpressed as vinyl chloride
C2H3Cl3Expressed as trichloroethane
C2H4Cl2Expressed as dichloroethane
C2H5ClExpressed as chloroethane
C2H6Expressed as ethane
C2H6O2Expressed as Ethylene glycol
C2HCl3Expressed as trichloroethylene
C31H64Expressed as C31 n-alkane
C3H6OExpressed as acetone
C4Cl6Expressed as hexchlorobutadiene
C4H8Cl2OExpressed as bis(chloroethyl) ether
C4H8OExpressed as butanone
C5Cl6Expressed as hexachlorocyclopentadiene
C6Cl6Expressed as hexachlorobenzene
C6H3Cl3Expressed as trichlorobenzene
C6H4(CH3)2Expressed as xylenes
C6H4Cl2Expressed as dichlorobenzene
C6H4N2O5Expressed as dinitrophenol
C6H5ClExpressed as chlorobenzene
C6H5NH2Expressed as aniline
C6H5NO2Expressed as nitrobenzene
C6H5OHExpressed as phenol
C6H6Expressed as benzene
C6HCl5OExpressed as pentachlorophenol
C7H6N2O4Expressed as dinitrotoluene
C7H8Expressed as Toluene
C8H10Expressed as ethylbenzene
C8H8Expressed as styrene
C9H14OExpressed as isophorone
CaExpressed as calcium
CaCO3Expressed as calcium carbonate
CdExpressed as cadmium
CH2Cl2Expressed as dichloromethane
CH3BrExpressed as bromomethane
CH3ClExpressed as chloromethane
CH3HgExpressed at methylmercury
CH4Expressed as methane
CHBr2ClExpressed as dibromochloromethane
CHBr3Expressed as bromoform
CHBrCl2Expressed as bromodichloromethane
CHCl3Expressed as chloroform
Chlorophyll aExpressed as chlorophyll a
ClExpressed as chlorine
CN-Expressed as cyanide
CoExpressed as cobalt
CO2Expressed as carbon dioxide
CO3Expressed as carbonate
CrExpressed as chromium
CuExpressed as copper
delta 2HExpressed as deuterium
delta N15Expressed as nitrogen-15
delta O18 Expressed as oxygen-18
ECExpressed as electrical conductivity
FExpressed as fluorine
FeExpressed as iron
H2OExpressed as water
HCO3Expressed as hydrogen carbonate
HgExpressed as mercury
KExpressed as potassium
MgExpressed as magnesium
MnExpressed as manganese
MoExpressed as molybdenum
NExpressed as nitrogen
NaExpressed as sodium
NH4Expressed as ammonium
NiExpressed as nickel
NO2Expressed as nitrite
NO3Expressed as nitrate
Not ApplicableSpeciation is not applicable
O2Expressed as oxygen (O2)
PExpressed as phosphorus
PbExpressed as lead
pHExpressed as pH
PO4Expressed as phosphate
QSEExpressed as quinine sulfate equivalents
RaExpressed as Radium. Also known as "radium equivalent." The radium equivalent concept allows a single index or number to describe the gamma output from different mixtures of uranium (i.e., radium), thorium, and 40K in a material.
ReExpressed as rhenium
SExpressed as Sulfur
SbExpressed as antimony
SeExpressed as selenium
SiExpressed as silicon
SiO2Expressed as silicate
SnExpressed as tin
SO4Expressed as Sulfate
SrExpressed as strontium
TAExpressed as total alkalinity
ThExpressed as thorium
TiExpressed as titanium
TlExpressed as thallium
UExpressed as uranium
UnknownSpeciation is unknown
VExpressed as vanadium
ZnExpressed as zinc
ZrExpressed as zirconium

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