CUAHSI-HIS as an Enabler for the Hydrologic Information Community

Solutions to complex scientific challenges require creative, interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches. A healthy, engaged hydrologic information community will play a crucial role in the future of the CUAHSI-HIS.

Our core community includes hydrologic researchers, educators, and students in higher education. CUAHSI-HIS has also attracted an additional tier of stakeholders into our community. These include federal agencies and laboratories, other levels of public education, domain sciences, super-computing centers, international agencies and the private sector.

A significant part of the CUAHSI-HIS project is to facilitate the healthy growth of our community by:

  • Partners — Listing many of our partners, including data partners, development partners and collaborators (partners who test HIS or collaborate in some other way), along with descriptions of what we are doing together, sometimes even including source code, to give other members of our community ideas on how they might participate, and other resources that they might be able to incorporate into their work. As many partners as we have listed, we can always use more, so consider joining us.
  • Workshops & Conferences — Holding workshops, giving presentations, and hosting discussion sessions at conferences, so that everyone can learn about the latest advancements in the CUAHSI-HIS community, discuss issues, and provide feedback to the CUAHSI-HIS team.
  • Communitication & Collaboration Tools — Incorporating communication and collaboration tools, such as the Email List, the Water Data Services User's Forum, the Data Manager’s Google Group, the System Development Wiki, and this site’s Feedback page into our operations. Check them out and they just might have the answer to your questions, or ask us, using the Feedback page.
  • Publications & Links — Providing documentation, training materials, and other resources to help enlarge and broaden our community.

HIS In Action!

Visit the HIS-In-Action page to read descriptions of case studies for how invstigators within the hydrology community are using HIS.

The Growing HIS Development Community

There is a growing number of people who are using the CUAHSI HIS and/or developing new tools that work with the CUAHSI HIS. These include:

  • WOFpy: Read about the development of WaterOneFlow web services in Python that support a variety of back-end databas formats. WOFpy is being developed by the Texas Water Development Board.
  • PyHIS: Read about the development of a Python module that enables retrieval of time series water data from WaterOneFlow/WaterML web services that are part of the CUAHSI HIS. PyHIS is being developed by the Texas Water Development Board.

If you are developing for or using any part of the CUAHSI-HIS, please take advantage of our Feedback page today and let us know what you think.

Come and be an active a part of our community too!

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