SampleTypeCV Values


Used to populate the SampleType field in the Samples table

AutomatedSample collected using an automated sampler
CoreCore sample resulting in a section of a substance
FD Foliage Digestion
FF Forest Floor Digestion
FL Foliage Leaching
GrabGrab sample
GW Groundwater
LF Litter Fall Digestion
meteorologicalsample type can include a number of measured sample types including temperature, RH, solar radiation, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction.
No SampleThere is no lab sample associated with this measurement
PB Precipitation Bulk
PD Petri Dish (Dry Deposition)
PE Precipitation Event
PI Precipitation Increment
PumpWater column pump
PW Precipitation Weekly
RakeA long-handled implement with a row of projecting teeth at its head, used to gather objects at the ground-surface
RE Rock Extraction
Rosette samplerA device with a cluster of sampling bottles that is lowered into a fluid
SE Stemflow Event
SondeA device such as a CTD which measures variables such as conductivity, temperature, and depth, that is lowered into a body of water
SR Standard Reference
SSStreamwater Suspended Sediment
SW Streamwater
TE Throughfall Event
TI Throughfall Increment
TrapA device or enclosure designed to catch and retain animals, typically by allowing entry but not exit or by catching hold of a part of the body
Trawla sample collected by equipment towed behind a vessel
TW Throughfall Weekly
UnknownThe sample type is unknown
VE Vadose Water Event
Vertical Plankton NetA plankton net that is towed vertically from a ship, the ship is not moving.
VI Vadose Water Increment
VW Vadose Water Weekly

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