SampleMediumCV Values


Used to populate the SampleMedium field in the Variables table

AirSample taken from the atmosphere
Benthic zoneEcological region at the lowest level of a body of water, including the sediment surface and some sub-surface layers.
Flowback waterA mixture of formation water and hydraulic fracturing injectates deriving from oil and gas wells prior to placing wells into production
GroundwaterSample taken from water located below the surface of the ground, such as from a well or spring
Injection waterWater injected into a well or borehole prior to collection of flowback or production water.
Municipal waste waterSample taken from raw municipal waste water stream.
Not RelevantSample medium not relevant in the context of the measurement
OtherSample medium other than those contained in the CV
PrecipitationSample taken from solid or liquid precipitation
Production waterFluids produced from wells during oil or gas production which may include formation water, injected fluids, oil and gas.
SeawaterObservation or sample from a sea or ocean
SedimentSample taken from the sediment beneath the water column
SnowObservation in, of or sample taken from snow
SoilSample taken from the soil
Soil airAir contained in the soil pores
Soil waterthe water contained in the soil pores
Storm waterSample collected from stormwater, runoff generated by precipitation, or stormwater systems
Surface waterObservation or sample of surface water such as a stream, river, lake, pond, reservoir, ocean, etc.
Suspended particulate matterParticulate matter entrained in the water column
TissueSample taken from the tissue of a biological organism
TreeSample taken from a tree.
UnknownThe sample medium is unknown
Wastewater effluentsample is from wastewater treatment plant effluent that is going directly into a stream
Wellhead GasGas taken from a wellhead under positive pressure

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