Master Controlled Vocabulary Registry

Controlled Vocabulary Registry

The ODM Controlled Vocabulary Registry is a website for data managers to request new or updated items to the master controlled vocabulary and for users to see the current master controlled vocabulary items. These items are stored in the Master Controlled Vocabulary Database and the Master Controlled Vocabulary Web Services are implemented on top of the it. The web services broadcast the terms within the master repository in XML format. Data managers at each of the test beds can use functionality within the ODM Tools application to compare their local controlled vocabulary with the master repository and download any updated or added terms. ODM Tools gets the controlled vocabulary terms from the local database, accesses the ODM Controlled Vocabulary web services and automatically parses the XML messages that are returned, and then presents a tabular, side-by-side comparison of local and master terms. Users can then compare the terms in their local database with those in the master list and add any new or updated terms to their local database.


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