The CUAHSI HIS project is a cyberinfrastructure project of the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science Inc. (CUAHSI). HIS is developing community information system software and infrastructure for the hydrologic science community, as represented by CUAHSI, with funding from the National Science Foundation.

Governing Bodies

Software & Data Policy and Licensing

The National Science Foundation EAR/IF 05-587 program guidelines state the expectation that “Geoinformatics proposals will adopt open source and platform independent development principles.” On Feburary 25, 2008, the CUAHSI Executive Committee approved the CUAHSI Software Policy. In accordance with this the CUAHSI-HIS project has adopted the Berkeley Software distribution license for all products developed by HIS.

CUAHSI-HIS Standards

The CUAHSI HIS project works on maintaining and governing standard exchange mechanisms for hydrologic data, by a ) maintaining identifiers for sites, variables, methods, data types, qualifiers, and other hydrologic metadata elements across observation networks; b) managing and publishing controlled vocabularies and providing vocabulary and ontology management and update tools; and c) providing common structural definitions for data interchange and a sample implementation of data exchange protocols for hydrologic observations.

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