HydroGET: An ArcGIS™ Web Service Client

HydroGET (Hydrologic GIS Extraction Tool) is a versatile tool that gives ArcGIS users the ability to ingest web service data into ArcGIS™. HydroGET stores the downloaded data using the time series format in the well-known data model, ArcHydro, and its upcoming successor, ArcHydro II. HydroGET can work with any web service as long as the web service complies with CUAHSI’s WaterML protocol.

HydroGET Interface

Figure 1. The HydroGET interface.

HydroGET works within the ArcMap interface of ArcGIS. The user picks a point featureclass within the map and specifies what data (e.g. precipitation, streamflow, etc.) are desired for each feature. HydroGET then downloads them from the associated web service into an ArcHydro geodatabase.

How HydroGET Works

Figure 2. How HydroGET works.

HydroGET Resources:

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