HydroDesktop is a free, open source application for finding, getting, analyzing and using hydrologic data from the CUAHSI-HIS system. It works with HydroCatalog, which indexes the data to find out what data exists and where it is, then gets the data from HydroServers where they are stored and published, communicating using WaterOneFlow web services to retrieve a local copy of the data. You can then analyze that data with any of a number of included tools, or you can export the data to use elsewhere. HydroDesktop is also extendable, meaning that plug-ins can be added to give it additional functionality. Additional extensions are being developed all the time, or if you're a little adventurous, you can create your own extensions.

Target Users

HydroDesktop is designed to be useful for a number of different groups of users with a wide variety of needs and skill levels including: university faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, K-12 students, engineering and scientific consultants, and others. HydroDesktop is for users primarily interested in discovering and retrieving observational data from the HIS system for use within HydroDesktop itself, or in other analytical and modeling applications on their local computer.

Getting Started

Open Source Development

HydroDesktop is an open source project with a community portal to encourage community involvement in the development of HydroDesktop. Check it out at:

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