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What is HIS? (top)
HIS stands for Hydrologic Information System. CUAHSI's HIS is an internet based system to support the sharing of hydrologic data. It consists of databases connected using the internet through web services as well as software for data discovery, access and publication.

The web services use an XML based format for communicating hydrologic data, called WaterML. HIS web services support access to National Datasets such as the USGS National Water Information System (NWIS) and EPA Storage and Retrieval System (STORET), in a standard way. Users anywhere with access to the internet can save their data in a relational database format, called ODM, and register it with CUAHSI HIS to publish their data. Popular software for working with data, such as Excel, MATLAB and a variety of computer programming languages can access HIS data directly using web services. This lets users work with familiar software rather than having to learn something new.
How do I report a bug? (top)
Use our Feedback Form.
Why do I only get 50,000 sites when I call GetSites on NWIS when I know there are many more sites in NWIS? (top)
To keep the return size and response times within reasonable limits, GetSites is limited so that it only returns the first 50,000 sites. To get a comprehensive list of sites, limit your search geographicly, so that fewer then 50,000 sites are returned with each call.
What do I do about the error: "The input was not a valid SOAP message because the following information is missing: action." when calling a method using web services? (top)
Example screenshot from HydroExcel:

Cause: The client’s firewall is removing the SoapAction header from the request. WaterOneFlow services built using .NET require that header. The particular firewall software which generated the error was Watchguard Firebox X500 with Firebox System Manager running on a server.
Solution: Change firewall configuration to permit the SoapAction header. The actual steps depend on your firewall software. For Watchguard Firebox X500 with Firebox System Manager software running on a server, the solution is to go into Policy Manger | Proxied-HTTP | Properties | Settings and uncheck "remove unknown headers." Please consult your system administrator before making changes to your firewall.

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