Developing New & Updated Tools

The CUAHSI-HIS was specifically designed to be extensible. The system, as the team has designed it, consists of a set of standards and a set of components that permits the system to function at a basic level. There is a great deal of room in the design for significant additional functionality using new and extended components. This allows, and we want to encourage, the community to enhance the system by developing and sharing additional tools that fit into the overall design. This approach provides both data users and providers with a great deal of power and freedom, as they can select from the existing CUAHIS-HIS developed components or user community developed components, create new components themselves, or a combination of all of these, in order to fulfill their needs.

HIS Core Components

Here are the open-source development sites/source code for the core components of the HIS system. The development of these components is lead by the HIS team, but contritutions by non-team members are also highly encouraged.


Data Publication Tools


Central HIS Tools


Data Access/Client Tools
  • HydroDesktop Codeplex Site— HydroDesktop is HIS's desktop client for data access, visualization & analysis.
  • HydroObjects Source Code— A .Net DLL with COM classes that support hydrology applications.The HydroObjects library assists programs without direct access to web services in downloading data from CUAHSI WaterOneFlow services.


Development Resources


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