Publishing Data

Individual researchers and research organizations can use CUAHSI HIS to publish their data as a CUAHSI Water Data Service. There are 2 phases to running a CUASHI Water Data Service to publish data:

Initial Start-up

There are four steps to the initial establishment of a CUAHSI Water Data Service:

  • Setting up or arranging access to a HIS Server
  • Storing observations data in the CUAHSI Observations Data Model (ODM)
  • Providing access to this data through WaterOneFlow web services
  • Indexing the resulting water data service at HIS Central in the national water metadata catalog

Any organization or individual is free to using CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System tools to accomplish the first three of these steps, and thus to establish their own water data services.  The fourth step connects the water data service to the HIS Central metadata catalog so that it appears in the data discovery tools and responds to the same data retrieval calls as all of the other data sources in CUAHSI-HIS.



Once a CUASHI Water Data Service has been established, a number of managment and maintenance tasks will need to be performed to load additional data, perform quality control checks, etc. Additional information is available for the following management/maintenance topics:

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